You are looking for outdoor action and an unforgettable team experience? Our City Adventure, an interactive scavenger hunt that combines teamwork, logical thinking, and fun into an entertaining company event. Dive into a completely new adventure equipped with an iPad. A GPS device will navigate one or multiple teams to secret spots where you’ll have to complete tasks or solve riddles. Only the creative, humorous and the ones willing to step out of their comfort zone can be the winners.

Our Team Adventure is ideal for an one-of-a-kind team event with your colleagues and for team building purposes. If you are up to 30 players, we can adjust the route, individual points of interest on the way as well as the duration of the event to your specific needs.

Our City Adventure offer for team events

large capacity

From 25 and for up to 100 players at the same time. The City Adventure can be played in several small groups.

Battle Mode

Enter battle mode and discover Berlin in a challenging and fun way

Team Event Package

Add drink packages for refreshment during the game

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